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    Why Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring Is a Smart Investment for Your Home

    Whether you decide to DIY hardwood flooring installation or not, you still have to choose between solid and engineered hardwood floors.

    After that, you must decide whether to go for prefinished hardwood flooring or site finish. With the latter, you or a professional can finish the hardwood planks after installation. Meanwhile, prefinished wood means the planks already have a stain and top coat applied.

    For DIYers, prefinished flooring takes less time to install. However, you’re unable to customize the stain and sheen. Read on to learn more about prefinished hardwood floor’s pros and cons.

    Prefinished Hardwood Flooring: The Pros

    As mentioned, prefinished hardwood flooring is easier to install than unfinished hardwood flooring. Especially with DIY floor installations, where so many things can go wrong, you’d want to reduce the potential for error even more.

    Since you have to level the subfloor, lay the underlayment, etc., it makes sense to want to cut down on staining, curing, and sanding. With prefinished wood floors, the last three processes (also very time-consuming) can be taken off your to-do list.

    Other advantages include:

    • Fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released during refinishing
    • Offers finishes that meet industry standards (also comes with a manufacturer warranty)
    • Cheaper in the long run since finishing costs can end up costing you more and
    • Lasts for centuries with maintenance and possibly, multiple refinishing

    Prefinished Wood Floors: Some Cons to Consider

    Compared to other types of flooring, hardwood floors (prefinished or not) contracts and expands with temperature and humidity changes. That’s why installation is best left to the pros in many cases.

    Still, if you’re dead set on installing hardwood flooring yourself, make sure you only do it in areas not prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Since poorly installed wood can warp faster and show gaps easily, you’re better off with other waterproof flooring options for these areas.

    Another disadvantage is noticeable seams. Without proper installation and maintenance, the planks’ seams are exposed. This makes them more prone to spills and damage.

    Making the Most of Your Investment

    Suppose you spent a lot on refinished hardwood flooring. How do you maintain it?

    First, don’t use harsh cleaning products. It’s better to make sweeping or vacuuming a daily habit if your goal is to remove grit and dust.

    Also, stay away from oil soaps. Not only is the residue left a dirt magnet, but it will also ruin the finish. Consider hardwood floor refinishing if you accidentally damage your floor’s finish with excessive cleaning.

    Considering Flooring Upgrades? We Got You!

    Prefinished hardwood flooring is worth the investment as long as you take care to maintain it. That, of course, involves refinishing from time to time.

    If you have hardwood floors that have lost their former beauty, we can help. As hardwood floor refinishing experts, Peak Floors is always ready to help with flooring upgrades at a very competitive price.

    As a family-owned business, we’re all about prioritizing homeowners’ flooring needs. If you need a refinishing contractor in the western Pennsylvania area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    The Top Benefits of Using a Hardwood Floor Sander for Your Home Renovation

    As the sun peeks through the curtains of your cozy living room, you’re greeted by the familiar creak of your old, worn-out hardwood floors. The memories of family gatherings, late-night dances, and playful pets scampering across the room flood your mind.

    However, alongside these cherished moments comes the undeniable realization that your beloved floors are in desperate need of a makeover.

    Enter the hardwood floor sander, the unsung hero of home renovations! But why should you use a sander using the transformation? We can help.

    Let’s go through the benefits of using a hardwood floor sander for your next renovation.

    Smooth and Even Finish

    Hardwood floor sanders are designed to eliminate imperfections such as scratches, dents, and uneven spots on your floors. This process results in a much smoother and more uniform surface.

    As time goes on, hardwood flooring gets dull and worn due to foot traffic, spills, and other factors. Using a sander removes the top layers of damaged wood, revealing the natural beauty of the grain and color underneath.

    If you plan to stain your hardwood floors, sanding helps ensure that the stain is absorbed evenly across the entire surface. This prevents blotchiness and enhances the overall appearance of the floors.

    Increased Property Value

    Hardwood floors are a highly sought-after feature for many Pennsylvania homebuyers due to their durability, beauty, and ease of maintenance. By showcasing well-maintained hardwood floors, you can highlight a valuable aspect of your property and attract more interest from potential buyers.

    In a competitive real estate market, having beautifully finished hardwood floors can give your property a competitive advantage over similar homes without this feature. It can make your home stand out and be remembered by potential buyers.

    Easier Floor Maintenance

    Sanding your hardwood floors eliminates rough patches that can harbor dirt and grime, making the floors easier to clean. Regular sweeping and mopping become more effective on smooth surfaces, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment in your home.

    With a smooth and even surface, spot cleaning becomes simpler and more efficient. You can quickly address spills and stains without worrying about them seeping into cracks or rough areas of the floor, making maintenance less time-consuming and more effective.

    Smooth hardwood floors are easier to move furniture across compared to uneven or rough surfaces. This can be particularly beneficial during routine cleaning or when rearranging your furniture layout, allowing you to maintain a neat and organized living space.

    Better Durability

    After sanding, applying a new finish or sealant adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood floors. This protective coating acts as a barrier against moisture, spills, stains, and UV rays, further enhancing the durability and longevity of the wood.

    Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors can improve their resistance to moisture damage. A properly sealed surface prevents water from penetrating the wood, reducing the risk of warping, swelling, and rotting, especially in areas prone to humidity or spills.

    Use a Hardwood Floor Sander for Your Renovation Today

    There are lots of reasons why a hardwood floor sander is a great choice for your next home renovation.

    Are you ready to hire some support with your home renovation? is dedicated to helping Pennsylvania home owners transform their homes.

    Contact us today.

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    Avoiding Common Mistakes When Installing Epoxy Garage Floors

    You’ve decided to transform your dull, dusty garage into a sleek and stylish space with an epoxy floor.

    You’ve watched countless DIY videos, read numerous tutorials, and even picked out the perfect epoxy color. With excitement bubbling over, you dive headfirst into the project, armed with brushes, rollers, and buckets of epoxy.

    Hold on – how do you make sure you’re not making a mistake? We can help.

    Let’s go through the top mistakes to avoid when installing epoxy garage floors.

    Inadequate Surface Preparation

    Inadequate surface preparation is a common mistake that can lead to adhesion issues and a subpar finish when installing epoxy garage floors.

    Start by thoroughly cleaning the garage floor surface to remove any dirt, dust, oil, grease, or other contaminants. Use a degreaser or proper cleaner recommended by your epoxy manufacturer. Pay special attention to areas with heavy stains or buildup.

    Inspect the concrete surface for any cracks, divots, or imperfections. Fill these areas using a high-quality concrete patching compound or epoxy filler. Follow the specific instructions for proper application and curing time.

    For optimal adhesion, consider diamond grinding or shot blasting the concrete surface. These methods can create a rough profile that enhances the bond between the epoxy coating and the concrete. If using these methods, ensure proper dust containment and safety precautions.

    Ignoring Safety Precautions

    Ignoring safety precautions during the installation of epoxy garage floors can lead to health hazards and accidents.

    Always wear appropriate PPE when working with epoxy coatings. This includes proper safety goggles or glasses to protect your delicate eyes from splashes or fumes, chemical-resistant gloves to prevent skin contact with epoxy, a respirator or mask to avoid inhaling fumes, and protective clothing to cover exposed skin.

    Lack of Maintenance

    Lack of maintenance is a common mistake that can lead to premature damage to your new epoxy garage floors.

    Clean your epoxy garage floor regularly to remove dirt, dust, debris, and spills. Use a soft-bristle broom, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner to sweep away loose particles.

    For more thorough cleaning, use a lighter detergent or specialized epoxy floor cleaner with water. Avoid any harsher chemicals or cleaners that can damage the epoxy finish.

    Not Hiring Help

    If you’re not experienced with the epoxy flooring process, you’ll want to be sure to hire professional help with your garage flooring rather than doing it yourself.

    Consult with epoxy flooring professionals or contractors to discuss your project requirements, budget, and timeline. Professionals can provide valuable insights, recommendations, and cost estimates based on their expertise and experience. They can also handle complex tasks and ensure quality results.

    Reputable epoxy flooring contractors often provide warranties or guarantees on their workmanship and materials. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the installation is backed by a professional guarantee, and you can rely on the durability and longevity of your epoxy garage floor.

    Avoid These Mistakes With Epoxy Garage Floors Today

    Now that you know the top mistakes with epoxy garage floors to avoid, your garage upgrade is sure to go smoothly.

    Are you looking for floor installation services in Pittsburg? Peak Flooring has years of experience and success in helping Pennsylvania residents like you.

    Contact us today!

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    The Timeless Beauty of White Oak Hardwood Flooring

    Are you planning on renovating your home flooring?

    It’s time to consider the aesthetic and functional benefits of white oak.

    This wood is even harder than other hardwood options, making it a highly durable material for home renovations. With a hardness rating of 1360, it can handle more wear, tear, and contact than most hardwood flooring materials. Thus, you can worry less about unsightly floor dents and other imperfections.

    Its exceptional durability also makes white oak hardwood flooring resistant to warping; this feature lends to its design versatility, from bathrooms to backyards.

    Here’s a closer look at its various applications

    Ideal For Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

    Kitchen and bathroom renovations remain the top remodeling projects for homeowners. These areas receive a lot of foot traffic throughout the day and are constantly in contact with water and moisture. Thus, you need a strong hardwood option that also works well with these layouts.

    White oak is a top choice for homeowners who prefer the look of hardwood in these spaces over tile. Its high-density composition protects it from water damage and rotting. It also accepts stain finishes better than other hardwood floor types.

    White oak comes in a signature light shade, making it perfect for bathrooms with cream, eggshell, and white wall treatments. It also helps expand the look of a small bathroom by creating the illusion of more space.

    This material comes in a variety of natural shades. Since it responds so well to stain treatments, you have even more options for colors, even mimicking the look of other hardwood materials but with the structural benefits of white oak.

    White oak hardwood is especially suited for modern or minimalist-style kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll find it often in open-plan kitchens, making it an excellent choice for living room layouts, as well.

    Farmhouse and Shabby Chic

    Not only does white oak respond particularly well to stains and refinishing, but it can also be distressed to create a more textured look that’s ideal for farmhouse-style homes. This style is also known as “shabby chic” and works wonderfully in cozy, cottage-style kitchens with glass cabinets with distressed wood frames.

    Distressed white oak floors can transform the entire look of your home, inspiring a fresh farmhouse look. Consider installing this material during your next bedroom renovation, complete with a shabby chic day bed, thick rugs, and distressed vintage furniture.

    Transform Your Patio With White Oak Hardwood Flooring

    Since this flooring works so well in kitchens and bathrooms, it’s ideal for outdoor spaces that withstand moisture like backyard decks, patios, walkways, and gardens.

    It’s perfect for that new poolside deck you’ve been meaning to install. Simply add your wood finish to enjoy a deck designed to withstand everything from humid summers to rainstorms. You can also install it around your jacuzzi to create more outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

    Include White Oak In Your Next Renovation

    If you’re looking for a hardwood material that works in every area of your home, white oak hardwood flooring is the perfect choice. Remember these tips as you brainstorm ideas for your project.

    Are you ready to install white oak floors today?

    Let Peak Floors handle everything from material selection to installation. Our experts are standing by! Get an estimate or call us today.

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    Reviving Your Old Floors: The Benefits of Using Hardwood Floor Refinishers

    Hardwood floors are a popular choice among homeowners and continue to top the list of most of today’s flooring trends. They first adorned homes in the late 19th century. But the selections then were modest compared to the finishes available today.

    With these options, its durability, and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to understand why it endures. More importantly, it boasts a timeless elegance and can enhance any home regardless of design or style.

    However, this classic beauty isn’t immune to wear and tear. Thankfully, hardwood floor refinishers can revive dull and damaged old flooring. Read on to learn more about the role they play in floor restoration.

    Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishers

    Wood flooring can look beautiful for a long time with proper maintenance. Unfortunately, despite this, dents and scratches from heels, pets, and furniture are inevitable. Water damage can also cause discoloration, peeling, and blistering.

    But don’t start budgeting for new flooring yet. Here are a few reasons to consider refinishing your hardwood floors instead.

    Save Money

    Budget is usually a major factor when considering floor upgrades. You could save thousands with hardwood floor refinishers.

    Installation of a hardwood floor could cost between $6,000 to $23,000 for a 1000-square-foot room. Refinishing the same room would cost almost half of that or between $3,033 to $5,900.

    Refinishing also provides a 147% cost recovery. It’s the largest compared to other interior remodeling projects.

    Save Time

    Floor installation can take as much as a week to complete. It also often means vacating the space which can be extremely inconvenient.

    Refinishing takes approximately two days and doesn’t involve floor removal. You might have to deal with dust but you won’t have to leave your home. Some refinishing companies even have vacuum systems that can reduce dust by as much as 99%.

    Enhance the Overall Beauty of Your Home

    What can you expect from a company that specializes in hardwood floor refinishing? They will:

    • Fill the cracks in your flooring
    • Remove all dirt, germs, and grime
    • Coat your floors with an even sheen
    • Remove both minor and major scratches
    • Remove most pet stains
    • Ensure your floor is smooth

    Refinishing can revive wood floors. The result is a floor that appears “brand new” and enhances the overall beauty of your home.

    Increase Your Home’s Value

    Anything that enhances the beauty of your home increases its value. Over half of home buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood flooring. Beautiful floors are hard to miss and hardwood usually makes a definite impact when you enter a home.

    Ensure Your Family’s Safety

    Damaged hardwood floors can be an eyesore, but they can also pose a safety risk. Splinters or exposed nails can be dangerous especially if you have young children or pets.

    Enhancing the Flooring in Your Home

    Hardwood floors have been a top choice for homeowners for many years. It’s a practical option that’s cost-efficient, durable, and long-lasting. Its beauty has also been proven to stand the test of time with an occasional boost.

    Hardwood floor refinishers can revive your wood floors and save time and money. Peak Floors specializes in hardwood refinishing. We’ll remove even minor scratches, leaving you with a smooth floor that looks brand new.

    Your enhanced flooring awaits! Get a FREE estimate today!

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    What Are the Advantages of Epoxy Flooring?

    Building maintenance costs hover around $2 per square foot per year. If you make the right decisions about your facility from the beginning, though, you can drive that cost down.

    Ever looked into epoxy flooring? This rugged, durable material helps keep maintenance costs down in industrial settings without breaking the bank. It offers many upsides over other floor types like bare concrete.

    If you’re starting construction on a new industrial or warehouse facility, you should go into the process with all the facts. Keep reading to learn why you’d want to choose epoxy for your next floor design.

    Strong Bonds Make Strong Floors

    The epoxy coating used on floors will resist most stressors. It weathers chemical spills, heavy loads, and moving industrial equipment without complaint for years, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

    While other types of floors can withstand a physical pounding, epoxy floors excel at handling chemical spills. The chemical resistance of epoxy resin makes it hard for spills and perforations to damage the material. If you’re replacing a floor for an industry like pharmaceuticals or oil, an epoxy floor installation will prove to be a safe investment.

    Facilities Staff Will Thank You for Investing in Epoxy Flooring

    If you want a floor that’s easy to clean, give epoxy a serious look. Epoxy floors have a non-porous surface with no crevices, cracks, seams, or carpets. Any of these can become the hiding place for dirt, grime, and bacteria, which can cause problems in hospitals and intensive care wards.

    The chemical resistance of the floor also makes it safe to use a variety of chemicals when cleaning it. If you need something heavy-duty to handle a spill, your epoxy floor won’t warp or crack in response to cleaning chemicals.

    Environmental Friendliness

    While eco-friendly floors can use many materials, including hardwood, epoxy floors have some environmental benefits unique to them.

    The smoothness allows epoxy to add light to a room, so you’ll use less artificial light. This effect works well in large spaces like warehouses.

    An epoxy floor can also last more than two decades. This long life reduces waste.

    An epoxy-coating floor won’t chip or flake either. This avoids the creation of environmental waste from the floor.

    Cost-Efficient Flooring

    While it isn’t the cheapest option for flooring, epoxy floors come in at a strong price point over the life of the floor. Due to the long life and low need for maintenance, an epoxy floor will often beat other types of floor on cost in the long run.

    Colors, Colors, Colors

    Epoxy floors come in a wide range of colors. Regardless of what aesthetic statements you want your building to make, epoxy can get you there.

    A Floor That Stands the Test of Time

    If you expect any kind of stress on your floor, epoxy flooring makes a cost-efficient and rugged choice. It also works well in applications where cleanliness plays a major role.

    If you want epoxy flooring in the Pittsburgh area, reach out to us today. We have an extensive background in both epoxy and hardwood flooring and can help you find the best floor for your space. Our employees also have extensive customer service training, so you’ll always have a friendly, courteous professional helping you.

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    Hardwood Floor Colors: A Selection Guide for Pittsburgh Homeowners

    When it comes to value-add flooring options, hardwood flooring still takes the lead. Hardwood flooring goes well with any architectural style, adding a touch of timelessness and modernity all at once.

    Picking hardwood over other flooring options isn’t the end of your decision-making process. There are tons of different hardwood floor colors to consider, as well.

    We’re here to offer this quick but useful guide. Read on for our hardwood floor color selection guide.

    Cool Hardwood Floor Colors

    Cool tones have a tendency to evoke feelings of calmness. They do a great job of brightening natural light and opening up small spaces. In the world of hardwood flooring, anything with a white or gray undertone is going to provide that coolness.

    If you’re making your choice strictly for your own enjoyment, gray hardwood is worth considering. If your goal is to increase resale value, keep in mind that grey as a predominant part of residential color schemes has peaked in popularity.

    Warm Hardwood Floor Colors

    Warm tones are often described as inviting or cozy. Warm tones pair well with a playful or rustic decor style and can leave you feeling energized and invigorated. Anything with a yellow, orange, or red undertone will add warmth to rooms of any size.

    Some homeowners associate red hardwood and other warm hardwood colors with a more traditional style. However, with modern interior design or hardwood floor trends like the ombre wood floor, you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Modern Hardwood Floor Colors

    What if you’re looking for something that evokes both modernity and luxury? A lot of high-cost, contemporary styles rely on bold colors that you can find in nature. This includes things like white hardwood and black hardwood, both of which can add drama to your home.

    On the other end of the modern trend, you’ll start to see hardwoods (both natural and synthetic) in vibrant colors we don’t often find in nature. This includes bright reds, oranges, blues, and greens. Going in a more customized direction is a great way to infuse your home with your unique personality, although it may make it difficult to find the perfect buyer in the future.

    Traditional Hardwood Floor Colors

    The more timeless your hardwood floor colors are, the more timeless the overall effect will be. Are you less inclined to chase the latest trend and more inclined to reach for something that never goes out of style? If so, you’re looking for rich hardwood colors like walnut, cherry, and oak.

    Dark brown hardwood can create an air of prestige and presence, adding stateliness to your home library or office. On the other end of the spectrum, you can go as light as hickory and still find yourself in the traditional style while adding an airiness to your home.

    Call Peak Floors for Pittsburgh Hardwood Floor Installation

    Without a doubt, hardwood floors are the way to go if you want to pair durability with beauty and value. Not only will you get years of enjoyment out of your hardwood floors, but you’ll also find eager buyers in the future. The question is, which hardwood floor colors are right for your home?

    From hardwood floor installations to refinishing, we’re your number one hardwood flooring source in Western Pennsylvania. Contact us to request an estimate on your new hardwood floors.

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    Refreshing a Pittsburgh Home: 3 Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Hardwood floors are one of the most popular choices for Pittsburgh homeowners year after year. While hardwood may not be the perfect option for every room in the house, it can elevate spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and more.

    What if you bought a home with original hardwood only to discover you’re living on damaged floors? Do you need to invest in all new flooring to improve your home and property value?

    The short answer is no. Many homes can benefit from hardwood floor refinishing services at a fraction of the cost.

    Read on to learn three major benefits of hardwood floor refinishing in Pittsburgh.


    1. Restoration of Older Property

    In the city of Pittsburgh, the median age of available homes is 78 years old. While we do see some new build construction, most homebuyers are looking at purchasing properties that require some TLC.

    Hardwood floor refinishing involves steps like:

    • Filling in floor gaps
    • Smoothing out rough wood
    • Buffing out most (if not all) scratches
    • Removing dirt and grime trapped under old finishing coats

    Once we’ve gotten your wood flooring in the best shape possible, we’ll add a new coat of finish to preserve the results for years to come.

    2. Great Return on Investment

    As a homeowner, it’s important to look for upgrades that can increase your home value and save money. Wood floor refinishing costs are far lower than the cost of installing new floors, but do they yield a strong return on investment?

    According to the National Association of Realtors, refinishing hardwood floors can have an ROI of 147% compared to the 118% ROI on new wood floors. This is in large part because hardwood floor refinishing can give your floors a like-new look and feel while maintaining your home’s historic and structural integrity. In a competitive real estate market, this is exactly the kind of detail that can catch a buyer’s eye.

    3. Eco-Friendly Upgrade

    At Peak Floors, we talk to homeowners every day about the need for sustainability. If you’re environmentally conscious, refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to care for your home while making a low environmental impact.

    For starters, hardwood floor refinishing requires very few new materials. It takes far less wood to fill in gaps and replace a few boards than it does to build a whole new floor. Plus, we’ve worked hard to develop high-quality water-based finishing coats with lower VOC production than traditional options.

    Need Pittsburgh Hardwood Floor Refinishing? Peak Can Help

    Whether you bought a new property in need of upgrading or want to restore the flooring in your long-time home, hardwood floor refinishing can help. When you’ve got a great base, there’s no need to start from scratch. Hardwood floor refinishing can add beauty and value at a low cost and low environmental impact.

    Are you ready to invest in your Pittsburgh hardwood floors? Peak Floors is a family-owned business in Western Pennsylvania with a commitment to great customer service and great results. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your flooring upgrades.

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    Is It a Good Idea to Install Hardwood in Your Kitchen?

    Two design trends are converging to make hardwood flooring very popular for kitchens. If you are browsing through social media or design blogs, you’ve likely noticed that many of the kitchens have replaced stone or tile with hardwood. So, why is that? For one, the farmhouse style has grown in popularity over the past few years. It is now trendy to introduce rustic looks into your home. You see this with distressed wood cabinets and repurposed furniture. Also, design is trending towards seamless transitions from one room to another. The open floor plan trend means that the flooring in the living room should seamlessly shift into flooring for the kitchen. Since hardwood flooring has long been popular in other rooms, an open floor plan means that hardwood should be installed in the kitchen. Is it a good idea?

    Water on the Floor

     Many homeowners are worried about water on their floor if they have a hardwood floor. However, this might be something of an overblown fear. It’s actually not very common to spill large amounts of water on your floor. Spills do happen in the kitchen, but you can generally clean them up pretty easily with a mop or a towel. For the most part, a hardwood floor will be pretty waterproof as long as you clean up the spill pretty quickly. If you allow water to sit on the floor for hours, it will eventually seep into crevices. If oyu are still worrid check out Cordalera SPC Floors.

    The most water spills near the sink where it might splatter as you wash dishes or prepare food. Putting down a soft mat near the sink will remedy that.

    Wear and Tear

     A soft mat by the sink will also alleviate one of the other large concerns about having hardwood in the kitchen. Your kitchen actually gets more foot traffic than maybe any other room in your house. That’s definitely true about the area by your sink. That tends to be where you wash dishes and prepare food. So you’ll be standing there for possibly hundreds of hours each year. That will wear down the finish on the wood and the wood itself. You can solve this with a soft waterproof mat designed to be by the sink. That will also make it much more comfortable when you have to stand for extended periods of time.

    Hardwood flooring is a great choice for your kitchen for many reasons. It looks great, the upkeep is fairly simple, and it can actually make working in the kitchen more comfortable. Just make sure to use a commercial grade wood flooring finish. Typical finishes are oil-based or water-based flooring finishes.

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