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    Hardwood Maintenance

    Extend Your Floors Life & Look

    Hardwood flooring is a durable product but it does require routine maintenance and love to keep it looking beautiful between refinishes. We clean your flooring with a combination of a mechanical scrubber, high PH cleaner and a powerful vacuum to get the floor extra clean. After the cleaning the floor will be buffed to remove small imperfections like scratches. After the bugging a new top layer can be added to give the floor a beautiful new finish coat. These coats can help keep the floor beautiful for years to come and extend the life of the floor. Using proper maintenance practices can extend the life of your floor.

    Maintenance coats should be completed every 3-5 years. THis helps to remove minor scratching, even out the sheen and restore the floor to its beautiful just finished look.

    Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

    Regular use of your floor can lead to dulling and scratching. If you want to bring the floor back to the beautiful gas like sheen it once had you may want to consider a maintenance coat. Maintenance coats are a quicker and more affordable option than a refinish.

    • Renewed sheen
    • Dustfree process
    • Durable Finish
    • 2-4 Hour Project
    • Great Results

    The Maintenance Coat Process

    STEP 1

    The crew arrives and answers any questions or concerns the customer may have. They begin by vacuuming and wet tacking the floor. The process needs to be performed on a clean surface to allow the machines to work best. A microfiber mop is used to removing any remaining debris.

    STEP 2

    A dirt dragon is utilized to clean the floor a second time. The machine has special scrubbers and utilizes a high pH cleaning solution to best remove grime and dirt from the floor.

    STEP 3

    After the floor have been cleaned the floor will be buffed. Buffing removes small scratches and allows the new finish coat to adhere to the floor.

    STEP 4

    After the floor is properly clean and abraded they final step can begin. The final step is to apple the new top coat. The new top coat will restore the floor shene and fill in scratches.

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