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    Hardwood Installation

    Hardwood Installation

    Hardwood flooring can make a big impact in your home. The timeless addition of hardwood flooring will transform the space and last the test of time. Wood flooring isn’t a new trend, it is time tested and loved flooring choice. Hardwood is beautiful, durable and over the years becomes a great value. Th choices you have when it comes to hardwood are limited either. Stain, finishes and unique species allows you to choose from nearly limitless possibilities.

    Choosing an installer for your flooring is an important choice. You want to choose a company that sticks to the strict guidelines set forth by the NWFA. The NWFA was designed to protect both homeowners and tradesman. At Peak Hardwood we train our employees to use the NWFA standards for installation and finishing to ensure the best finished product. With our combined experience we have the knowledge to ensure our customers receive a beautiful finished product. We have a long list of happy customers to back up our process. Our craftsmanship and expertise helps us to provide our customers with a forever floor.

    The installation process we use is also very important. We utilized proper equipment and supplies, follow nailing schedules and use quality products to ensure the floor is installed to ideal specifications. When a floor is installed properly and cared for it can last for decades. While we cannot control the way the floor is cared for after we leave we can install it to help reduce gapping and moving. We hope to make your floor a worry free process and something that you can enjoy without worry for years to come.


    Installation Expectations

    • NWFA Installation guidelines adhered to
    • Daily Site Cleanup
    • Tight Installation
    • Borders used around hearth or fireplace
    • Top wood mill products used
    • Glue used as needed


    What to Expect From Peak Floors

    • Minimized saw dust and other dust
    • NWFA standards followed
    • Informative and happy to answer questions
    • On time and on schedule

    Domestic Vs Exotic

    There are two main categories for hardwood flooring- domestic and exotic. Depending on where you live and the individual climate you may have different species of wood available to use in your home. Domestic hardwoods are generally a safer choice because they tend to be more stable in your home but there are a lot of different options available. When meeting with an estimator they will be able to discuss what hardwoods species are the best options for your home and lifestyle.

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