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Refreshing a Pittsburgh Home: 3 Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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    Hardwood floors are one of the most popular choices for Pittsburgh homeowners year after year. While hardwood may not be the perfect option for every room in the house, it can elevate spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and more.

    What if you bought a home with original hardwood only to discover you’re living on damaged floors? Do you need to invest in all new flooring to improve your home and property value?

    The short answer is no. Many homes can benefit from hardwood floor refinishing services at a fraction of the cost.

    Read on to learn three major benefits of hardwood floor refinishing in Pittsburgh.


    1. Restoration of Older Property

    In the city of Pittsburgh, the median age of available homes is 78 years old. While we do see some new build construction, most homebuyers are looking at purchasing properties that require some TLC.

    Hardwood floor refinishing involves steps like:

    • Filling in floor gaps
    • Smoothing out rough wood
    • Buffing out most (if not all) scratches
    • Removing dirt and grime trapped under old finishing coats

    Once we’ve gotten your wood flooring in the best shape possible, we’ll add a new coat of finish to preserve the results for years to come.

    2. Great Return on Investment

    As a homeowner, it’s important to look for upgrades that can increase your home value and save money. Wood floor refinishing costs are far lower than the cost of installing new floors, but do they yield a strong return on investment?

    According to the National Association of Realtors, refinishing hardwood floors can have an ROI of 147% compared to the 118% ROI on new wood floors. This is in large part because hardwood floor refinishing can give your floors a like-new look and feel while maintaining your home’s historic and structural integrity. In a competitive real estate market, this is exactly the kind of detail that can catch a buyer’s eye.

    3. Eco-Friendly Upgrade

    At Peak Floors, we talk to homeowners every day about the need for sustainability. If you’re environmentally conscious, refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to care for your home while making a low environmental impact.

    For starters, hardwood floor refinishing requires very few new materials. It takes far less wood to fill in gaps and replace a few boards than it does to build a whole new floor. Plus, we’ve worked hard to develop high-quality water-based finishing coats with lower VOC production than traditional options.

    Need Pittsburgh Hardwood Floor Refinishing? Peak Can Help

    Whether you bought a new property in need of upgrading or want to restore the flooring in your long-time home, hardwood floor refinishing can help. When you’ve got a great base, there’s no need to start from scratch. Hardwood floor refinishing can add beauty and value at a low cost and low environmental impact.

    Are you ready to invest in your Pittsburgh hardwood floors? Peak Floors is a family-owned business in Western Pennsylvania with a commitment to great customer service and great results. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your flooring upgrades.

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