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    Epoxy floors are great. They resist chemicals and acids, they can be decorative, customized, and they’re easy to install. You can use epoxy floors in garages, shops, and commercial spaces. Yes, epoxy floors are versatile and have many benefits. Here, we take a look at the top three advantages of epoxy flooring. 

    Epoxy floors are easy to maintain

    Epoxy floors are seamless and liquid-tight. This means that no matter how big or small the floor, spills aren’t going to leak through. You have one flat surface to work with here. In a garage, when something is spilled such as oil, you don’t have to worry about stains or damage to your floor. You can just clean up the spill and go. A sweep and maybe a quick mop will do the trick in cleaning the floor. This is great because if you have customized your epoxy floor to have a logo or a design or some other image on it, it’s not hard to keep it nice and visible. 

    They work well with underfloor heating systems

    An epoxy floor has no seams or edges; it just blends into the space. When you have an underfloor heating system and an epoxy floor working together, you save energy, and you no longer have radiators in sight. This combination saves space and is incredibly sustainable. Epoxy floors also help to keep the heat in the right place. They radiate heat rather than convect. You basically get better heat regulation with an epoxy floor. Now, you may be thinking about cracks in your floor with underfloor heating. Well, the fact is that a self-leveling floor simply won’t crack by itself. If your epoxy floor has cracks in it, it is because the epoxy is bonded to the substrate, which is cracked itself. In this case you need to fix what the epoxy is bonded to, such as cement. Sounds like a great addition to help build your home’s value too!

    Epoxy floors are highly durable and robust.

    Epoxy floors can endure a lot of weight bearing down on them. This makes them perfect for high traffic areas, heavy use, and large mechanical loads, such as forklifts and other heavy machinery. They’re also highly resistant to wear. Epoxy is made of resins and hardeners that go through a chemical reaction when mixed that makes them combine together into a very hard material that bonds easily to most surfaces. Because the epoxy binds to surfaces so well, it actually becomes a part of the structure of your building rather than just an add-on. Typically, epoxy floors can last between 10 and 20 years if cared for properly. 

    Consult an Epoxy Floor Contractor in Pittsburgh

    There are many reasons why you may choose to install an epoxy floor in your space. Whenever your reason is, you have made a good choice because there are many advantages to this type of flooring. They’re easy to maintain, they work well with underfloor heating systems, and they’re highly durable. Beyond this, they’re also beautiful, customizable, easy to install, and chemical and acid resistant. When you are ready to install your new floor, trust an epoxy flooring installer in Pittsburgh that has the experience you need! Call Peak Floors today at (412) 480-8555.

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