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What Are the Advantages of Epoxy Flooring?

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    Building maintenance costs hover around $2 per square foot per year. If you make the right decisions about your facility from the beginning, though, you can drive that cost down.

    Ever looked into epoxy flooring? This rugged, durable material helps keep maintenance costs down in industrial settings without breaking the bank. It offers many upsides over other floor types like bare concrete.

    If you’re starting construction on a new industrial or warehouse facility, you should go into the process with all the facts. Keep reading to learn why you’d want to choose epoxy for your next floor design.

    Strong Bonds Make Strong Floors

    The epoxy coating used on floors will resist most stressors. It weathers chemical spills, heavy loads, and moving industrial equipment without complaint for years, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

    While other types of floors can withstand a physical pounding, epoxy floors excel at handling chemical spills. The chemical resistance of epoxy resin makes it hard for spills and perforations to damage the material. If you’re replacing a floor for an industry like pharmaceuticals or oil, an epoxy floor installation will prove to be a safe investment.

    Facilities Staff Will Thank You for Investing in Epoxy Flooring

    If you want a floor that’s easy to clean, give epoxy a serious look. Epoxy floors have a non-porous surface with no crevices, cracks, seams, or carpets. Any of these can become the hiding place for dirt, grime, and bacteria, which can cause problems in hospitals and intensive care wards.

    The chemical resistance of the floor also makes it safe to use a variety of chemicals when cleaning it. If you need something heavy-duty to handle a spill, your epoxy floor won’t warp or crack in response to cleaning chemicals.

    Environmental Friendliness

    While eco-friendly floors can use many materials, including hardwood, epoxy floors have some environmental benefits unique to them.

    The smoothness allows epoxy to add light to a room, so you’ll use less artificial light. This effect works well in large spaces like warehouses.

    An epoxy floor can also last more than two decades. This long life reduces waste.

    An epoxy-coating floor won’t chip or flake either. This avoids the creation of environmental waste from the floor.

    Cost-Efficient Flooring

    While it isn’t the cheapest option for flooring, epoxy floors come in at a strong price point over the life of the floor. Due to the long life and low need for maintenance, an epoxy floor will often beat other types of floor on cost in the long run.

    Colors, Colors, Colors

    Epoxy floors come in a wide range of colors. Regardless of what aesthetic statements you want your building to make, epoxy can get you there.

    A Floor That Stands the Test of Time

    If you expect any kind of stress on your floor, epoxy flooring makes a cost-efficient and rugged choice. It also works well in applications where cleanliness plays a major role.

    If you want epoxy flooring in the Pittsburgh area, reach out to us today. We have an extensive background in both epoxy and hardwood flooring and can help you find the best floor for your space. Our employees also have extensive customer service training, so you’ll always have a friendly, courteous professional helping you.

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