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Can You Install Hardwood Over Tile?

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    As much as you may like your current flooring, it might be time to buy some new ones. Some signs that you need new floors are if there’s visible wear and tear, they make noise, and they start to smell bad.

    However, you have another option if you have a tile with only surface damage. Instead of tearing it out, you might put another type of floor on top of it. Hardwood is one that is considered by many to be a more premium flooring than tile.

    But can you install hardwood over tile, and what are the challenges of doing so?

    Can You Install Hardwood Over Tile?

    DIY tile removal isn’t always your best option, as it can create a lot of dust and debris. Installing a new floor on top of it means avoiding that issue.

    Whether or not you can install hardwood over a tile floor will depend on the condition of the tile. It needs to be in good condition, not cracked or loose.

    If the room has a low ceiling, then putting another layer of flooring on top will cause some height problems.

    You’ll also want to purchase engineered hardwood over solid hardwood so it can be more stable over the existing floor.

    Benefits of Hardwood Floor Over Tile

    The first benefit of hardwood installed over tile is that it can save time and money. You’ll generate less mess, which means you’ll keep your home cleaner.

    You may enjoy the overall aesthetic of wood flooring over tile. Wood goes with a lot of different types of furnishings, while patterned tile can clash with certain colors and designs.

    Most importantly, hardwood can be refinished to look brand new if it starts to show wear and tear.

    Hardwood Installation Process

    There are a few steps involved when doing a floor installation on top of tile.

    First, you’ll need to clean the tile floor so you have a smooth surface. Next, you’ll need to level the floor. Any uneven parts can damage the hardwood.

    Install underlayment on top of your tile to provide a moisture barrier and cushion the space between your flooring. Finally, you’ll install the hardwood either using glue, nails, or the floating method.

    Potential Challenges

    You may face some challenges with doing a floor installation on top of preexisting flooring.

    As previously mentioned, floor height could be an issue. It’s all too easy for a room to feel more cramped when you add another layer to the bottom.

    If your flooring isn’t installed properly, then there could be stability problems. This will warp the hardwood floor over time and cause creaking.

    Revive Your Home’s Floor

    Can you install hardwood over tile flooring? Assuming your tile is in good condition and the room has a high enough ceiling, then yes you can. In fact, it can save you a lot of trouble trying to remove the preexisting tile.

    Peak Floors provides hardwood refinishing, installation, and maintenance services in the western Pennsylvania area. We can also handle your epoxy floor installation. Reach out today to get your free estimate and learn more.

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