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Sandless Floor Refinishing: How It Works and What to Expect

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    Have you been putting off refinishing your old hardwood floors because you dread the mess and disruption of traditional sanding? If so, consider a newer option called ‘sandless floor refinishing.’ This innovative process allows you to refresh the look of your floors without all the dust and hassle.

    In this article, we’ll examine how sandless hardwood floor refinishing works, its key benefits, and what you can expect from the process. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of whether this innovative technique might be the right choice for refreshing the floors in your home.

    How Sandless Floor Refinishing Works

    The sandless floor refinishing process is quite different from traditional sanding and refinishing. Instead of using power sanders, this method relies on chemical strippers and specialized equipment to remove the existing coating.

    Here’s a quick overview of the typical sandless refinishing steps:

    Cleaning and Degreasing

    The first step is to thoroughly clean and degrease the floor. This helps the chemical stripper work more effectively. Technicians will use a degreasing solution and scrubbing pads to remove any built-up dirt, grime, or oil.

    Applying the Stripper

    Next, they’ll apply a chemical stripper solution to the floor. This solution helps break down and dissolve the old finish so it can be wiped away. The stripper is left to sit for a while, allowing it to work.

    Applying the New Finish

    Once the old finish has been removed, the technicians will apply a brand-new protective coating to the bare wood. This is typically a polyurethane or other durable floor finish. Multiple coats may be applied for optimal results.

    The entire process can often be completed in 1-2 days, compared to the 3-5 days typically required for a full sanding and refinishing job. And because there’s no actual sanding involved, the mess and disruption to your home are significantly reduced.

    Advantages of Sandless Refinishing

    One of the biggest upsides of sandless refinishing is that it creates far less mess and disruption compared to traditional sanding. There’s no need to move heavy furniture or cover every surface in your home to contain the dust. The process is generally much cleaner and more contained.

    Sandless refinishing is generally more affordable than a full sanding and refinishing project. You’ll save on labor costs, as the process requires fewer steps and less time. The materials used are also typically less expensive.

    Because sandless refinishing creates so much less mess, it’s often possible to complete the work while you’re still living in the home. This can be a major advantage if you don’t want to relocate temporarily during the project.

    Revive Your Floors the Easy Way

    If you’re considering refreshing your wood floors but dread the thought of a lengthy and messy sanding project, sandless refinishing may be the perfect solution. It’s a great way to breathe new life into your floors without all the hassle.

    For expert sandless floor refinishing services in your area, call Peak Floors. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver beautiful, long-lasting results. Contact us today for a free estimate and learn more about how we can help transform the look of your home’s floors.

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