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What Is an Ombre Wood Floor?

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    If you spend a lot of time online, especially on social media, you’ve likely seen the trend among women towards ombre hair. The term “ombre” generally applies to a color that gradually fades out or fades to another color. So, ombre hair might start out red at the roots and fade to white at the tips or vice versa. The trend has been spreading to different areas of design and fashion as well; one of those areas is flooring. Many people are deciding to introduce ombre hardwood to their homes. How would you do this if each plank of wood only comes in one color?

    Creating an Ombre Floor

    There are several different ways to create an ombre floor for your home or office. One of the simplest ways is to buy a single batch of hardwood flooring planks sufficient to cover your entire floor; then, you would have the professionals stain them in a gradually changing shade. This can be achieved by adding progressively more paint thinner or water to the stain as it is applied across the floor. The other option is to incorporate planks of different colors as you lay the floor; that’s the most popular option.

    The more shades of planks you choose, the more gradual the ombre. For example, you might want to move from ebony that moves to a white oak. So, you would then decide how gradually you want to make the change. You probably need at least five different shades of wood to make the color move gradually. Fewer than that will likely result in a floor that simply looks separated into three different sections.

    Laying the Floor

    Laying the floor is fairly simple, you separate the planks into their different categories and then lay them. The most important aspect is the place where you move from one color to the next. The best way to create a smooth transition from one color to the next is by creating an uneven line. If you keep the line between colors uneven, it will create a less clear demarcation. That’s a great way to create an ombre floor; if you plan ahead, you might even be able to pull it off with only three colors.

    Ombre floors are not very common at the moment but they will grow in popularity in coming years. They’re a great way to create an interesting floor that doesn’t require more work than laying a floor of a single color.

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