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Good Sources of Reclaimed Hardwood For Your Flooring

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    Reclaimed hardwood is the hottest trend in flooring. Reclaimed hardwood can mean that the wood comes from a floor in a different building. The flooring is then reclaimed and used for your floor. It can also mean that the flooring was not originally flooring material. That could mean that i twas barn siding, roof beams, or even uncut lumber. There are several reasons that reclaimed wood is popular. It is popular because it is environmentally friendly; also, it looks great.

    Sinker Logs

    Sinker logs are logs that fell off a ship years ago and have been underwater ever since. They’re basically driftwood but uncut lumber. In the past, the only way to ship logs across long distances was to ship them through the water. Sometimes, logs would fall off the barges, and it was not financially feasible to get them back on the barge. They sat in the water for decades before being dredged up. Since they spent decades in an oxygen-free environment, the wood has aged in ways that are impossible to replicate. The patina of a sinker log penetrates through all of the flooring planks in incredibly beautiful ways. Sinker logs can be expensive, but they’re worth every penny.

    Hardwood Siding

    Hardwood siding is another great source of wood for your floors. Many barns and outbuildings now are constructed of pine or other softwoods from a local hardware store. In the past, they were constructed from whichever wood could be sourced from nearby. That means many barns and other buildings that were built decades ago were built with local hardwoods. They are weathered and distressed in attractive ways. Some of the best reclaimed hardwood floors come from walls and roofs of buildings that were exposed to the elements for years.

    Reclaimed Floors

    The simplest way to find a reclaimed floor is simply by repurposing an existing floor. You can find old floors if you keep an eye out in your neighborhood for people who are remodeling their homes. Also, look through online classifieds for people offering hardwood flooring. Even if the flooring needs to be repaired, it will cost you much less than a new floor. Also, no trees will be cut down to create the floor.

    Reclaimed floors can be used as they are for their weathered and distressed look. They can also be sanded and refinished to look like new. Using them as they are is an aesthetic choice. Sanding and refinishing them is a environmental decision; they’re both great options.

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