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Unnatural Wood Colors That Are Popular Right Now

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    The most popular hardwood flooring colors are still the natural tones of the wood. Even domestic hardwoods such as oak come in a wide range of colors. Some experts list oak as available in 12 different distinct colors; that doesn’t even include common staining colors. However, there is a trend towards more unnatural colors that is growing. The trend towards unnatural colors comes in two basic varieties; there are those who choose vibrant versions of natural colors. For example, bright red is growing in popularity. Certain woods come in red but a bright red is obviously not natural. The other choice that some are making is completely unnatural colors such as royal blue or teal.

    Oranges and Reds

    Oranges and reds can run the gamut from colors that are subtle and understated to incredibly bold, bright colors. The choice is yours. Oranges and reds are warm colors that often occur in nature. That means they work really well with traditional and classic home decor schemes. They’re not going to be the colors you might choose for a contemporary, modern home, though. The warm colors are very inviting and pair well with walls in cooler colors. For example, a pale blue hallway might look nice with a deep amber or copper tone for the floor. A deeper orange or red also gives you many options for how you would like to decorate the space because the floor will not draw much attention.


    Oranges and reds might be understated and subtle; blues are definitely not. Blue is already a very rare color in nature. Therefore, it will always draw the eye. Furthermore, it is a very rare wood that comes in any shades of blue. That means that a blue hardwood floor will stand out as bold and striking even if it’s only a lightly colored floor. Many are choosing a deep blue for their flooring. The blue will look very unnatural and unique. It also lends itself very well to a contemporary and modern look.

    Much of the contemporary and modern style involves stainless steel, glass, and other metals. Those are all cold materials. They pair very well with cool colors such as blue.


    Greens are popular because green is a common color for wood that has been weathered. Pale greens or dark shades of green can lend a weathered look to a hardwood floor and pair very well with a distressed look.

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