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The 5 Most Commonly Imported Hardwoods for Flooring

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    Wood used in the United States that is from trees in the United States is known as domestic wood. Wood that is imported from other countries is known as exotic wood. Domestic wood is by far the most popular choice for hardwood flooring. It is less expensive than exotic wood and oftentimes has a wider range of options. However, exotic woods offer many advantages over domestic woods. That’s why some of them are very popular. Woods from Africa and Brazil are very popular for flooring.

    1 – Brazilian Walnut

    Brazilian walnut is one of the most popular imported woods. The species of tree is from Brazil originally and that is where much of the wood is found, but it can also be imported from other tropical countries. Brazilian walnut is very popular because it has a deep, rich color with a very unique grain. It’s also popular because it’s one of the hardest woods widely available. A very hard wood is popular for people who have dogs or who want their wood to last a very long time. A hard wood is less likely to get scratched up by pet claws or by moving furniture.

    2 – Thai/Burmese Teak

    Sourced from southeast Asia, this teak is one of the most durable woods you can find. It is a very dense wood with small pores and a natural oil that makes it resistant to moisture. Teak is not likely to rot in wet conditions. It’s also unlikely to mold or mildew. That’s why it is used widely in the manufacture of boats and ship docks. It’s also great for hardwood floors, especially ones that are installed in basements, ground floors, or porches.

    3 – Bubinga

    Bubinga is a wood imported from Africa. It ranges in color from a light straw color to a deep reddish-brown that is almost purple or black. It’s slightly harder than domestic white oak. Also, it is resistant to most types of decay and pests. Some reports indicate that bubinga is moderately resistant to boring pests and termites.

    4 – Brazilian Cherry

    Sourced from Brazil and other tropical climates, this species of cherry is a very unique wood. It has a very uniform and prominent grain. Also, the color ranges from a very pale tan to a deep cherry red.

    5 – Mahogany

    Mahogany is actually indigenous to the Americas, but is more commonly found south of the United States. It is known for being a very dark color and having a very straight grain. If you are looking for a floor that is dark and dramatic, mahogany is a good choice.

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