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All About Walnut Flooring

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    Walnut hardwood flooring is a popular look for many reasons. The beautiful rich color of the flooring is one of the reasons it has become so popular. Like all wood species there are pros and cons of walnut.

    There are two different types of walnut flooring; American Walnut and Brazilian Walnut. American walnut is called a variety of different names. It is commonly called black walnut, american black walnut, north american walnut or gunwood. American walnut is mostly harvested from the central United States and has a janka scale rating of 1010. It has a white sapwood and dark chocolaty heartwood with a variety of grain variations. Brazilian walnut is commonly called lapacho or ipe. Brazilian walnut is harvested in Brazil and the lesser antilles. The wood has a dark tone and a janka scale rating of 3684, much harder than American Walnut.

    Pros and Cons of Walnut Flooring


    • Beautiful and warm
    • Fits the style of many homes
    • American walnut is a renewable resource and an eco-friendly option.
    • Durable and can be resanded
    • The natural color helps to cover some scratching and dents
    • Ideal for radiant heating because of natural stability


    • American walnut is relatively soft and can mark, scratch or dent easily
    • Not ideal in homes with children or pets
    • Can show traffic patterns easily because of darkness or the wood
    • Darker hues can make a room feel smaller

    Walnut is a beautiful flooring option and can really complete the look of your room. Choosing between wood species can be challenging but in the end there is no wrong choice when it comes to hardwood flooring. Peak floors is able to help you through the hardwood flooring installation process. Please give us a call!

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